Termination & Testing + Splicing + Cable Drops + Runs

Our fiber optic experts handle it all - installations & inspections, cleaning & connecting, troubleshooting & testing. We are highly trained in end-to-end support of any fiber optic communication project and address each step with professional care and concern.

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Enhanced Coverage Systems

Strengthen your business by eliminating the frustration of weak mobile phone and wireless signals. Our solutions dramatically improve cell phone and wireless reception by using a state-of-the-art distributed antenna system (DAS) inside your building.

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WiFi + Point to Point + Pre/Post Site Surveys + Cabling Infrastructure

Did you know that every wireless network needs a solid backbone of structured cabling and low-voltage technology to perform? ClearComms helps install this infrastructure, as well as enhance or correct any current system that may be having issues. Though structured cabling has existed for many years, our certified technicians stay on top of technology trends so we can apply the latest speed and bandwidth requirements to any project.

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Conference + Audio Distribution + CCTV

Whether you are building or remodeling your home, updating your electronics or just need some customized project help, ClearComms is your trusted Audio/Video technology partner. We help you design, install and maintain your home electronic system properly, so you can take comfort in knowing your investment will perform as expected for years to come.

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Turn-key solutions for all your digital communication needs.

Clear Comms provides exceptional services in telecommunications, video cabling, and signal support. Doing so enhances the cellular, IT and video transmissions. We amplify your signal to make information sound clearer, move faster, and project further.

“Truly a cut above the rest and I highly recommend them.”

Ed Cain, Regional Sales Manager – Southeast Shell Oil Products Company, North America Commercial Fleet

New construction weakens signal no more.


We installed an Amplification system using an Omnidirectional Collection antenna outside and four Dome antennas inside. The entire space was blanketed with a fantastic signal from all networks after this project was completed. The Amplification system will be able to handle the traffic of 100+ users across the 2G, 3G, and 4G platforms. Learn More


Our Certifications

JMA, Line Sweep, PIM, Routing and Switching, IBWAVE, Fiber Optic Splicing & Termination, Fiber Optic Installation, Networking, Spider Cloud, BICSI, CommScope, CEDIA, DAS, Signal Systems Support, Wideband Communications, CPR, RF Safety, Communications Cabling, Linkmaster, Pre & Post Testing, Per & Post Site Walks