PROJECTS: Children’s Hospital of Atlanta


Improving a “no-signal” coverage area for patients and staff that need to make emergency medical decisions.


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is a children’s hospital offering advanced care in over 30 pediatric specialties including Urgent Care. Prior to this project, anyone with T-Mobile had little to no signal when entering the building and throughout. This posed a huge problem as patients and staff were unable to contact loved ones. A lack of coverage is the last thing that patients and staff need to be concerned with when dealing with emergency medical decisions and updates. Clear Comms was called on to install all of T-Mobile’s BTS equipment for their small cell network in the DAS closet at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This equipment would allow for T-Mobile to use the existing DAS infrastructure to distribute their cellular coverage inside of the building.


The installation included mounting a rack in the DAS closet in the basement. On this rack, we mounted all of the radio equipment exactly per T-Mobile’s standards. Then we ran and spliced the backhaul fiber line connecting the carrier fed signal to the radio equipment. Next, we had to ground each piece of equipment ensuring that no power surges cause the equipment to malfunction. After grounding, we then needed to power up all of the equipment running power wire from the power plant to each piece of equipment. Every wire was labeled for each location per T-Mobile standards. All of the equipment was interconnected from the BTS rack to the DAS rack completing the installation.


All devices successfully powered up and Clear Comms completed the job on time. T-Mobile now has full cellular coverage inside of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

“Working with Clear Comms is a real pleasure. Their knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to making it right is exemplary. I would recommend Clear Comms to all commercial real estate owners and managers!

Mavis Giska, CPM – Vice President – Property

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