PROJECTS: Ameris Bank Amphitheatre


Installing a new DAS system to increase cellular bandwidth thousands of users.


Ameris Bank Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, Ga had a need for a T-Mobile distributed antenna system (DAS) to provide cellular coverage for fans during events. The need for this is due to the number of people that attend the events. A T-Mobile DAS would provide cellular coverage for T-Mobile customers as well as decrease the amount of traffic on surrounding towers trying to handle thousands of extra users at a time. When thousands of people are at the venue at one time, it greatly affects the surrounding areas because the bandwidth is overloaded. When the bandwidth is overloaded, the speeds and calls are greatly slowed or not able to be used. Clear Comms was chosen to be the installer for this project.


With an expedited timeline, Clear Comms worked day and night through the cold and rain to meet the deadline. All of the work was to be done using eighty foot boom lifts. First, we had to come together to build custom fabricated mounts for the antennas that hang all around the venue. We built the mounts using precise measurements cutting unistrut and threaded rod to sandwich the steel beams. Next, we had to custom fabricate frames to mount the remote radios and splitters onto. These frames were built using unistrut and threaded rod sandwiching onto the steel rafters at the ceiling.


After we built and mounted the mounts, we were ready to start pulling the coax and the fiber. This was by far the biggest challenge. We needed to find a way to use the existing cable trays that were 80 feet in the air while figuring out how we would maneuver our boom lift around the seating. There was no way that we could move our lift far enough to complete the 2nd half of the cable runs. Each cable run was about 250 feet. We put our heads together and came up with two options that were both successful. The first idea was to buy an RC car with tracked wheels to drive a pull string 200 feet across the cable tray. We successfully drove the string across two of the 5 cable trays.


The next idea was to buy 200 feet of PVC and push it down the cable tray with a tennis ball taped to the end of it to prevent the PVC from falling into the spaces of the cable tray. We successfully pushed the pull string down the tray. We were able to pull all coax and fiber to each location. All of the cables were terminated using a JMA compression gun. Each cable was tested using an Anritsu cable analyzer and Kaelus PIM gear to verify the quality. All fiber was spliced with a fusion splicer and tested using an OTDR.


We successfully completed the installation on time. Now, T-Mobile users can enjoy having cellular service while watching their favorite artists perform. Also, T-Mobile has more bandwidth on their surrounding towers during events at Ameris Bank Amphitheatre.

“Working with Clear Comms is a real pleasure. Their knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to making it right is exemplary. I would recommend Clear Comms to all commercial real estate owners and managers!

Mavis Giska, CPM – Vice President – Property

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