PROJECTS: State Farm Arena


State Farm Arena, DAS upgrade for 21,000 capacity.

State Farm Arena, located in downtown Atlanta, recently went under renovations to the venue. This included a full remodel of all systems, including the Active DAS system. Clear Comms was brought in as the third tier installer, to provide the bulk of the installation and testing of the system. The system was a neutral carrier system used to increase capacity rather than coverage due to the expansion of the area to encompass more events.


The old system had a substantially smaller capacity (around 12,000 users) and quite a few missed coverage areas that were dead zones for all cellular carriers. This was especially problematic on both of the sub-levels, as reception was already low quality to start with.


All cabling, both fiber optic and ½” and 1⁄4” coaxial cables were abated and replaced throughout the entire venue. New power cabling was installed and run to all needed locations. Due to the increase in capacity, the number of bi-directional amplifiers was tripled to allow for a capacity of 21,000 plus employees. 


All fiber optic cables were fusion splice at all splice points and terminated to pigtails. All coaxial cables were terminated with JMA 4.3-10 connectors. All newly installed equipment within the headend space was grounded and dressed in accordingly. 

During the testing phase, each coaxial cable was tested for both Return Loss and PIM vs. Time. If any of the cables failed at the connector they were reterminated and retested. If they failed at any point in the cable itself, the damage was located, and the cable was reinstalled.  Once all of the individual cables were tested and passed, the full system, with all antennas, splitters and couplers installed, were tested. All fiber optic cables were tested in both directions with an EXFO 730 OTDR, on both the 1310 and 1550 frequencies. Any issues located were corrected, either by fixing a bend or resplicing.



After completing all installations and tests, the network was turned on and was functioning correctly. This allowed events the weekend of completion, to a capacity crowd, with little to no problems. It solved the issues with dead zones throughout the sub-levels, and there is adequate coverage throughout the build now.

“Working with Clear Comms is a real pleasure. Their knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to making it right is exemplary. I would recommend Clear Comms to all commercial real estate owners and managers!

Mavis Giska, CPM – Vice President – Property

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