Strengthen your business by eliminating weak mobile phone and wireless signals. Clear Comms helps you dramatically improve cell phone reception by installing a state-of-the-art distributed antenna system (DAS) inside your building.

Our services are guaranteed to boost the signal strength of all wireless devices, including cellular phones, smart phones, tablets, and PDAs.

Tower PIM mitigation

Passive intermodulation (PIM) is a well-known problem in cellular systems. Downlink signals at the cell site mix at passive, non-linear junctions in the RF path, creating new signals. If these new signals (intermodulation products) fall in an operator’s uplink band, they can elevate the noise floor and degrade system performance.


The service uses specially designed mobile analyzing equipment to quickly find any offending signal in order to mitigate and effectively moderate its damage to the cellular and public safety networks. With cases, ranging from interfering cell phone boosters to high-power FM and television broadcast stations, our interference hunting service is most often provided as a turn-key solution. Specially trained field engineers (RF specialists) will utilize radio frequency spectrum analyzing equipment to isolate interfering signals. Combined with our years of experience, they can successfully identify the source by recording the signal, determining where it is strongest, triangulate the source, and work with the offender to clear the interference.

Ground interference hunting and resolvement/resolution

Much of our consulting work involves tracking down interference sources and resolving interference problems. We perform some of this work for public safety agencies, but most of our interference hunting is done for the four national wireless operators (AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile).


The interference problem is multifaceted. Recent work for the City of Oakland involved interference from intentional emitters (cell sites) that affected public safety radios operating on adjacent frequencies. In this case, the receiver has only a finite capacity to reject signals on nearby frequencies (i.e., no filter is a “brick wall”) and the growth of cellular sites and numerous radio carriers at each cell site contributes to this problem.


WiFi + Point to Point + Pre/Post Site Surveys + Cabling Infrastructure


Cabling Infrastructure – We install all cabling infrastructure your office network may need. This may include adding data outlets throughout the office for VOIP phones, office computers, and conference rooms. We structure all cabling work for easy management and future additions as-needed.


WiFi – Our technicians can easily add more access points to your existing setup. Or, we can create customized wireless designs to equip your indoor and outdoor spaces with the optimal Wifi coverage.


Site Surveys – Determine what areas lack coverage and what equipment is needed.


Testing – There are several situations that require network testing. Whether you’re moving into an office with previous tenant infrastructure and need assurance that everything is working properly, or you’re having problems and aren’t sure how to find your affected ports, or you simply need new installations – we have you covered. We qualify every cable and termination we install, and can also identify any problematic ports/cables from previous installers.


Termination & Testing + Splicing + Cable Drops + Runs

Fiber optic cable installation requires special training and experience. Highly specialized equipment is critical in order to correctly terminate, connect, and test cabling (which is made of glass at its core). Our experienced fiber optic technicians handle these special tasks with care. We also perform inspection, cleaning, troubleshooting and verification of the fiber optic cabling after installation (with a testing device known as an OTDR). Our trusted team members provide end-to-end support (including design, layout and installation). We have expertise in handling your important fiber optic communication projects throughout buildings or between buildings, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Small Cell

Be it deploying indoor and outdoor small cell solutions to extend cellular coverage and capacity to fill gaps in wireless carriers’ macro networks, or to serve as a source for a DAS, Connectivity Wireless has extensive experience in providing custom small cell solutions to suit your facility’s needs.

“Working with Clear Comms is a real pleasure. Their knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to making it right is exemplary. I would recommend Clear Comms to all commercial real estate owners and managers!

Mavis Giska, CPM – Vice President – Property

Our Certifications

JMA, Line Sweep, PIM, Routing and Switching, IBWAVE, Fiber Optic Splicing & Termination, Fiber Optic Installation, Networking, Spider Cloud, BICSI, CommScope, CEDIA, DAS, Signal Systems Support, Wideband Communications, CPR, RF Safety, Communications Cabling