Enhanced Coverage Systems

Depending on your area and desired carrier, our equipment will pick up and enhance all carrier frequencies available.





Site surveys

Before beginning any cellular project, a site survey is crucial to determine which areas lack coverage and what equipment is needed. On every site survey, our technicians go to the roof of the building and take accurate signal measurements from nearby towers, using a spectrum analyzer, to confirm the strongest signal. We will then walk each floor inside of the building to identify any “dead zones” – areas with weak or no signal. During this time we carefully document the internal environment such as wall and ceiling material make-up, RF environment, floor to floor penetration for cables, and any other factor that needs to be considered.




Line sweeping is a measurement process that will identify both the “return loss” (power transfer efficiency in the antenna system) as well as the “insertion loss” (amount of signal loss through a coaxial system).



PIM (Passive Intermodulation) Testing

PIM (Passive Intermodulation) Testing measures how linear a cellular transmission system may be. This is important in order to identify any corroded, dirty or mechanically compromised connections or components that may exist.




We are certified in any media for any DAS installation.




After the installation process, the amplifier is tuned to the RF environment, so that it can amplify signal specifically through metal, wood, concrete, or whatever your building is made of.




Upon completion of the project, clients will receive a close out package showing that all requirements are met.

“Rob and his crew were great to work with! The service was top notch, very professional, knowledgeable, and communicative. I would absolutely hire him again for future needs!”

Valerie Gilcher, Project Manager | NCC Group

Our Certifications

JMA, Line Sweep, PIM, Routing and Switching, IBWAVE, Fiber Optic Splicing & Termination, Fiber Optic Installation, Networking, Spider Cloud, BICSI, CommScope, CEDIA, DAS, Signal Systems Support, Wideband Communications, CPR, RF Safety, Communications Cabling, Linkmaster, Pre & Post Testing, Per & Post Site Walks