WiFi + Point to Point + Pre/Post Site Surveys + Cabling Infrastructure



Cabling Infrastructure

We install all cabling infrastructure your office network may need. This may include adding data outlets throughout the office for VOIP phones, office computers, and conference rooms. We structure all cabling work for easy management and future additions as-needed.




Our technicians can easily add more access points to your existing setup. Or, we can create customized wireless designs to equip your indoor and outdoor spaces with the optimal Wifi coverage.



Site Surveys

Determine what areas lack coverage and what equipment is needed.




There are several situations that require network testing. Whether you’re moving into an office with previous tenant infrastructure and need assurance that everything is working properly, or you’re having problems and aren’t sure how to find your affected ports, or you simply need new installations – we have you covered. We qualify every cable and termination we install, and can also identify any problematic ports/cables from previous installers.

“Rob is our go-to guy for communication and video integration services. We’ve had some projects with “outside the box” requirements. Rob’s smiling “can-do” attitude is so pleasant and welcome. He has never let us down. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Tom Stokes, CPM – EpiCity Real Estate Services, AMO, CRMC

Our Certifications

JMA, Line Sweep, PIM, Routing and Switching, IBWAVE, Fiber Optic Splicing & Termination, Fiber Optic Installation, Networking, Spider Cloud, BICSI, CommScope, CEDIA, DAS, Signal Systems Support, Wideband Communications, CPR, RF Safety, Communications Cabling, Linkmaster, Pre & Post Testing, Per & Post Site Walks